Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians

     36190 Church Rd. Suite 1
     Campo CA 91906
Ph.: 619-478-9046
Fax: 619-478-5818


Name Position
Ralph Goff Chairman
Harry P. Cuero Jr. Vice Chairman
Annah Ceballos Secretary
Marcus Cuero Treasurer
Steven M. Cuero Committee Member
Vanessa Parkhurst Committee Member
Brain Connolly Committee Member


     During the 1840s and 1850s, the town of San Diego experienced such growth that some groups of Indians living in the Mission Valley area were pushed into what is now the East County. In 1853, many of these people established a village in a canyon of the upper San Diego River. In Spanish, this area was called Capitan Grande, or “Great Captain.” Colonel John Bankhead Magruder of the U.S. Army issued a federal permit for the Indians to inhabit the area. At that time, Capitan Grande was part of the public domain and, after the permit was issued, the general public was warned against disturbing the Indians who resided there. From then on, those Kumeyaay/ ‘Iipay/Diegueño people and their descendants were known as the “Capitan Grande group of Mission Indians.” The descendents of these Capitan Tribal members also call themselves either Kumeyaay, ‘Iipay, or Diegueño depending upon family preference.


Tribal Government Phone # Age Grp.
Campo Tribal Office 619-478-9046
Fax: 619-478-5818
Education Phone # Age Grp.
Campo Indian Education Center 619-478-9093
Fax: 619-478-5818
Campo Indian Child Care (CIEC) 619-478-9046
Fax: 619-478-5143
Southern California Head Start 619-478-9093
Fax: 619-478-5143
Hillside Jr., Sr. High School (CIEC) 619-478-2735
Fax: 619-478-2609
Campo High School (CIEC) 619-478-2735
Fax: 619-478-2609
Jr.-Sr. H.S
Youth Prevention Program (CIEC) 619-478-9346  
DQ University (CIEC) 619-478-9093
Fax: 619-478-5143
Campo Tribal Training Program (CIEC)    
Mountain Empire School District Office 619-473-9022
Fax: 619-473-9728
Southern California Tribal Digital Village Phone # Age Grp.
TDV Representative 619-478-9046
Fax: 619-478-5818

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