Inaja-Cosmit Band of Indians

     2005 S. Escondido Blvd.
     Escondido CA 92025
Ph.: 760-737-7628
Fax: 760-747-8568


Name Position
Rebecca M. Osuna Chairwoman


      These are two parcels of rather remote and inaccessible land under the silhouette of Cuyamaca Peak.

     At present there are no permanent inhabitants of these 852 acres, although some remodeling is underway on Inaja. Deep winter snows and lack of facilities make these locations inhospitable to all but the hardiest.


Tribal Government Phone # Age Grp.
Tribal Office 760-737-7628
Fax: 760-747-8568
Committees Phone # Age Grp.
ICWA Committee 760-737-7628
Fax: 760-747-8568
Southern California Tribal Digital Village Phone # Age Grp.
TDV Representative 760-737-7628
Fax: 760-747-8568

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