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Article 1: EcoChoice℠ is a cool choice
SDG&E’s EcoChoice program gives customers the option to purchase up to 100% clean, renewable energy. The program may be a good option for those who rent or don’t have the ability to adopt solar due to costs or the inability to put panels on their rooftop. With EcoChoice, there’s no upfront installation cost and you’re supporting clean, renewable energy in our community. Those who enroll will pay a small premium every month depending on their subscription level. Customers can visit our online calculator to estimate how much it will cost each month to purchase renewable energy through the program. Customers can also enroll online. For more information, visit


  • Dream The Impossible Urges Students To Stay Disciplined – And In School
  • Native American Art, From A Very Early Age
  • San Diego State Pow Wow Is First Of Summer Season
  • Dispatches: Washington
  • Native American Academic Accomplishment Is The Tradition At Red Cloud Indian School
  • At Rincon, Young Children Encouraged To Play, Live Healthy And Eat Healthy


How would you like to support the environment and promote the growth of renewable energy in San Diego with no upfront installation costs?  

If you’re someone who has wanted to make the shift to renewable energy but don't own a home or installing solar panels just didn’t pencil out, consider the benefits of enrolling in San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) innovative new program called EcoChoice℠.

Essentially, EcoChoice℠ gives customers the option to purchase renewable energy directly from SDG&E. The program works like this: SDG&E buys renewable energy on behalf of participating EcoChoice℠ customers. The renewable energy comes from large, utility-scale generating facilities built specifically for the EcoChoice℠ program. The more renewable energy SDG&E customers buy through the EcoChoice℠ program, the more renewable generation SDG&E can build.


  • Students Attend IHC Workshop on Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  • CILS Supports Bill Allowing Native American Students to Wear Traditional Adornment at High School Graduation Ceremonies
  • Native American Runs The Longest Walk
  • Dispatches: Arizona
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • Salmon Fillets And Whole Wheat Tortillas Are Newest Foods Offered By Commodities Program
  • A Dog’s Life – And Near Death – On The Reservation
  • SCTCA Graduation Celebration Save the Date: May 11, 2017
February 2017 Southern California Tribal News


  • Indian Water Rights Settlements Celebration
  • Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians Election:
  • Chairman - Bo Mazzetti
    Vice Chairwoman - Tishmall Turner

  • KPBS Honors Two Individuals during American Indian Heritage Month
  • Randy Edmonds
    Joely Proudfit

  • Sycuan Cultural Museum
  • Chemehuevi 4th Annual Winter Camp
  • Longest Walk 5-2 2017
  • Save the Date: Dream the Impossible Native Youth Conference
  • Indian Health Council, Inc. Seminar & Groups:
  • Living a Life in Balance 8 Week Seminar
    Domestic Violence Support Group
    Pain Management Support Group
    Stitch to Wellness Group

  • Barona Cultural Museum Classes
  • Native Foods
    Leaching Baskets

Do you love to save money? San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) offers a variety of tools, programs and services to help their customers do just that! 

As utility rate reform continues in 2017, energy saving programs will be worth looking into for your household’s energy needs. For more information about Rate Reform, please visit:

By pairing programs and services with helpful energy management tools, SDG&E can create a perfect match for your energy saving needs. 

Here are two SDG&E solutions that can help you save energy and money in 2017:


  • Native American Eagle Feathers Featured In High School Graduation Documentary
  • 2017 Kumeyaay Calendar Features Native Plants, Flowers
  • Native American Students Learn Turtle Beading Tradition
  • Dispatches: Nebraska
  • For Some Native Americans, A Return To A “Decolonized” Diet
  • FDPIR Design Contest
  • Native American Dance Troupe Marches In Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
  • 2017 SCTCA TANF Participant Calendar Is All About Native American Community
  • Save the Date! Saturday March 18th, 2017 - Dream The Impossible Native Youth Conference


With the time period for Santa Ana Winds coming to an end and cooler weather settling in, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is partnering with customers to promote safety during the winter season. SDG&E offers customers free safety checks to make sure home gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently. Customers are encouraged to schedule these appliance checks by visiting or calling 800-411-SDGE (7343).


  • KPBS Honors Two Native Americans at 2016 Local Heroes Celebration
  • Toys for Tots Provides Presents for Christmas
  • At Standing Rock, Tribe Celebrates Victory – For Now
  • Dispatches: Santa Ysabel
  • The Best Pictures Of 2016
  • American Indian Film Festival Presents Features, Documentaries and Native Art
December 2016 Southern California Tribal News


  • Native American Heritage Month - Museum at Balboa Park
  • Pala Band of Mission Indians; Saving Gregory Canyon
  • Pala Band of Mission Indians; Announces Tribal Election Results
  • Sycuan Hotel and Casino Expansion
  • First Lady, Michelle Obama, Recognizes Creative Youth; “National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards” at the White House
  • 2016 Annual SCTCA Board Retreat
  • INFR - Indian National Finals Rodeo
  • American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival
  • Barona Band of Mission Indians Awarded Murray Manor Elementary School an Education Grant
  • 15th National Indian Nations Conference: Justice for Victims of Crime
  • IHC - Angel Tree Project
  • Holiday Kids Crafts Class at Barona Tribal Museum

Finalizing projects around your home before family, friends and loved ones arrive for the holidays?  Know where major utility lines lie and what steps to take if a gas leak were to occur. Keep your family and loved ones safe this holiday season!



  • Elouise Cobell Posthumously Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • San Diego State University Hosts California Indian Conference
  • Tribal Leader Receives Environmental Service Award
  • Dispatches: Viejas
  • Tribal Communities Conference Focuses On Strengthening Families
  • American Indian Recruitment Honors Students and Mentors
  • Iipay Nation Honors Native American Female Veterans
  • Native American Celebration of Christmas Has Long Tradition
  • School Attendance Important During Long Holiday Season

The holidays are all about doing a little something extra for someone. If you’d like to lend a hand and show someone you care before, during and after the holidays, be sure to let them know about some money and energy savings programs that SDG&E offers its customers year ‘round.

With Daylight Savings Time ending, lighting your home earlier in the evening can increase your energy use and cost. This November, plan ahead to make the holiday season brighter, safer & more affordable. 

Make the Season Bright

Did you know? One of the easiest ways to lower your electricity use is to switch to energy-efficient lighting like LEDs. 

Here are four (4) reasons to make the switch to light-emitting diodes (LEDs): 

1. Are less likely to break because they have no moving parts, filaments or glass

2. Reduce fire risk because they remain cool to the touch

3. Can last up to 10 times longer so you save on replacement costs

4. Use up to 90% less electricity to produce the same amount of light as incandescent light bulbs and strands.


  • Native American Students Attend College & Career Expo
  • SCTCA TANF Students Participate In Annual Reading Award Program
  • In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse
  • Dream The Impossible Logo Contest Deadline 12/10/2016
  • Dispatches: Japan
  • In November, A Celebration of Native American Heritage
  • Pre-Schoolers Visit A Colorful Pumpkin Patch
  • The New Trail of Tears: A Stark Revelation of Native American Life On Reservations
  • Save the Date - California's American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival

This October, take some time to make safety top of mind by creating your POWER plan.  San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) safety tips and solutions will not only help you be better prepared in the event of an emergency, they may also save you some money on your energy bill!

Here are some tools to consider when putting together your power plan:


  • Children Create Colorful Native American Mural
  • CIMC Training Session Focuses On Enhancing Soft Skills
  • At Pala, A Celebration of Native American Traditions
  • Dispatches: North Dakota
  • Native American Recipes Can Be Simple – Or Complex
  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • At Western New Mexico, Native American From Santa Ysabel Is Mustang Kicker


  • It’s Back to School at San Diego and Manzanita TANF for Children and Families
  • It’s a Summer of Education, Travel and Fun for Native American Students
  • Back to School Event - Student Awards
  • Iipay Nation’s Gathering at Santa Ysabel Features Traditional Songs and Dance
  • Dispatches: Rio de Janeiro
  • Summer of Education, Travel and Fun - Photos
  • California Indian Conference: October 20-22, 2016

Are you keeping up with your energy conservation goals? Keep track of your energy use and costs with email or text alerts from SDG&E - these alerts give you information about your account, bill, energy use, and more!

Alerts You Can Receive

  • Your pre-set spending goal was exceeded.
  • Your pre-set electric or gas use level was exceeded.
  • You’ve moved into a higher-priced electric tier 
  • A weekly energy use summary with all of this information plus energy saving tips.

It’s Easy To Setup

August 2016 Southern California Tribal News


  • Viejas Air Program
  • Rincon donation to Valley Center Library
  • 19th Annual National Tribal Transportation Conference
  • California Indian Museum & Cultural Center – Language Apps
  • Native Youth Employment Training Program
  • Inter Tribal Sports
  • Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians 2nd Annual Gathering
  • CIMC Event: Working Skills into Careers
  • Rincon Rodeo & Fiesta
  • Viejas Annual Traditional Gathering & Peon Tournament
  • Pala 9th Annual Honoring Traditions Gathering & Powwow
  • Tribes 4 Christ – Movies Under the Stars
  • Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Gathering for our Mountains 2016
  • Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Indian Days
  • Barona Cultural Center & Museum Classes
  • California Native American Day – State Capitol Sacramento CA

According to a state report, there could be a need for greater than normal energy conservation across Southern California on as many as 14 days this summer, mostly in the Los Angeles area. Since the power grid is interconnected throughout the state, SDG&E customers may be asked to help by reducing their energy use. Sign up to get an alert when conservation is needed. Review your information and sign up for alerts at

Looking for other ways to conserve and earn energy savings? 


  • TANF Institute Explores Issues of Trust, Motivation and Responsibility
  • Two Directions Students Graduate From Escondido Adult School
  • A Note of Thanks from UC Davis
  • Navajo Family’s Academic Success Driven By Love, Respect, Determination
  • Dispatches: Los Angeles
  • Students Write About Native American Life, Culture and Beliefs in Roy Cook Memorial Essay Contest
  • Native American Art Displayed at San Diego County Fair
  • For More Than A Century, A False Image Of Native Americans


CAUTION: It’s going to be a HOT weekend San Diego! With potentially recording breaking heat expected this weekend, please plan ahead so you don’t lose your cool! Stay hydrated and visit one of the 117 cool zone locations throughout our county.  Find the location closest to you by using SDG&E’s interactive map Cool Zones are open from June 23, 2016 until October 31, 2016.



A reminder for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers: the transition to a new electric rate structure that began last September enters the next phase in July 2016. How these changes affect your electric bill will depend on your energy use, where you live and whether you’re enrolled in a bill discount program like California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). To read more about how these changes will impact your bill, please visit:

When temperatures rise, so does the energy use in our region. Beat the heat and the chance of higher energy bills by conserving energy & water, going to a Cool Zone near you, and applying online to see if you qualify for a 35% discount on your SDG&E bill.  


  • Leap to Confidence Empowers Women
  • Kumeyaay Nation College Inducts Native Americans, Honors Graduates
  • Santa Ysabel Memorial Day Ceremony Honors Veterans
  • Dispatches: Italy
  • Summer Powwows and Gatherings Celebrate Native American Culture
  • Native American Students Learn Cultural History of Beading
  • UCSD Inter-Tribal Resource Center Welcomes Inaugural Director
  • Summer Movies in the Park Return

Not only does summertime bring changes to the weather, but on soon, SDG&E customers will see a change in how they are billed for electricity.  Last year, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a new electric rate structure statewide.  For SDG&E customers, this will result in a consolidation of the current 3 tier structure, down to 2 tiers.  How these changes may affect a customer’s electric bill will depend on their energy use, where they live and whether they are enrolled in a bill discount program like California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). To read more about this statewide rate reform initiative and any changes to your SDG&E bill, please visit:

Summer is also a great time to save energy and money!  Here are some solutions that can help you save money:


  • An Evening of Awards and Honors for Native American High School Graduates
  • San Diego State Indian Graduation Ceremony Celebrates Students
  • San Diego State University Graduates of 2016
  • Native Youth Conference Stresses College Education
  • Dispatches: Sacramento
  • Graduates, Class of 2016
  • Class of 2016 Co-Valedictorians
  • Class of 2016 Salutatorian
  • CSUSM Honors Native American Graduates

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has been letting you know about gradual changes to your electric bill. These changes are taking place as a result of statewide electric rate reform. The transition to a new electric rate structure that began last September enters the next phase later this year. Read more:

How these changes affect your electric bill will depend on your energy use, where you live and whether you’re enrolled in a bill discount program like California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). You should also know that summer season electricity rates begin on May 1. Summertime rates are 2¢ to 3¢ higher than those in the winter, so this may affect your bill. 


  • Santa Ynez TANF Open House Provides Program Overview
  • “Our Stories - A Celebration of Native Songs and Stories” Comes to Rincon Indian Health Council
  • Escondido TANF Congratulates Two for GED and Medical Certificate
  • Dispatches: Montana Joe Medicine Crow: 1913-2016
  • Dream the Impossible Conference Draws Hundreds at University of San Diego
  • Gathering of Native Americans Brings Families Together
  • It’s Spring Training for Two Directions
April 2016 Southern California Tribal News


  • President Obama Announces Key Administration Posts
  • Longest Walk 5 - War On Drugs
  • Pala Band of Mission Indians Launches New Website
  • Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians contributes funds for the Western Days parade
  • Native American Flute Circle - Spiritual Storm Flute and Drum
  • 10th Annual Dream the Impossible Native Youth Conference
  • Inter-Tribal Earth Day - Watering Our Roots
  • Our Stories - A Celebration of Native Songs and Stories
  • The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center - Golf Tournament
  • Avellaka 7th Annual Inter-Tribal Sexual Assault Awareness 5K Walk
  • SCTCA High School Graduation Celebration
  • San Diego Native American Pow Wow
  • 42nd Annual Pala Cupa Days
  • Remembering Evelyn Mary LaBrake

Coming soon, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers will see changes in their bills as electric rates are consolidated from three tiers to two tiers. Why? In late 2013, California passed a law, Assembly Bill (AB) 327, to modernize the state’s energy rate structure. The goal of AB 327 was to make electric rates easier to understand, as well as establish more equitable and transparent energy pricing. Read more about why SDG&E’s rates and tiers are changing and what it means to you at: 

Get ahead of the curve and find out how you can save energy and money by tapping into SDG&E’s energy efficiency upgrade programs and services. Whether you rent or own, you could be eligible to receive free energy-efficient home improvements that can make your home more comfortable and save you money now and for years to come!


  • After Years Of Hard Work, A New Beginning
  • SCTCA Tribal Digital Village Director Accepts Broadband Technology Award
  • Native American Coach Honored by Iipay Nation
  • Dispatches: Tokyo
  • San Diego TANF Always Busy, Always Focused
  • Pablo Tac: Life and Customs of a Mission Indian
  • At Rincon IHC, Native American Art Is Colorful – And Always on Display
  • Home Emergency Preparedness Kit



  • Longest Walk: A Native American Effort To Counter Drug Epidemic
  • Santa Ysabel Tribal Leader Featured in Native American Magazine
  • Dream the Impossible Coming to University of San Diego
  • Dispatches: Rincon
  • Red Cloud: An Incomparable Warrior Chief in The Heart of Everything That Is
  • Four Decades Ago, A Native American Ignited A Hollywood Controversy
  • Our Stories - A Celebration of Native Songs and Stories - Free Family Event!
  • Save the Date - SCTCA 2016 High School Graduation Celebration

Times are changing!! Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead when Daylight Saving Time begins on March 13th. Also, SDG&E’s rates will change starting in April 1, 2016.  SDG&E customers will see a new two-tier electric rate structure in their energy bills. For more information about the rate structure and what it means to you, please go to this link:

This spring, SDG&E customers can go green by taking advantage of a number of tools to help manage energy use and costs such as:

February 2016 Southern California Tribal News


  • Cahuilla Band of Indians New Council Members
  • Unratified - A Symposium
  • National Indian Justice Center Training Schedule
  • CSUSM Report to Tribal Nations
  • Hollywood Casino Jamul - Dining Options Announced
  • California Indian Museum & Cultural Center Community Event
  • California Indian Museum & Cultural Center Native Youth Training Program
  • 3rd Annual Chemehuevi Winter Camp
  • Native American Veterans Association
  • Barona Cultural Center & Museum Classes
  • Inter Tribal Sports Basketball Championships
  • Roadrunners Walking Club


  • Dedication – And Hard Work – Lead To A New Career
  • Native American Dance Troupe Wins Award
  • At Pala TANF, A New Education Coordinator
  • Dispatches: Oregon
  • Native American Student’s Art Displayed at Balboa Park
  • 2016 Luiseno Calendar Features Contemporary Art
  • Edward Curtis
  • Free GED Classes

Starting in September last year, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) began to transition its customers to a new electric rate structure approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. A new three-tier electric rate structure replaced the previous four-tier structure. Starting in March 2016, these changes will continue as the new electric rate structure will be further reduced to two tiers.  

“We want people to understand the changes to how they are billed and also how they can manage their energy costs.” - Caroline Winn, chief energy delivery officer at SDG&E -

SDG&E customers can take advantage of a number of tools to help manage energy costs such as:

Indigenous San Diego is a free app connecting you to the area’s tribal lands, museums, businesses, exhibits and cultural landmarks!

Features Include

  • Tribal museums
  • Cultural trails and landmarks
  • Public museums
  • Tribal owned businesses
  • Tribal lands
  • Higher education
  • And more!

Download today for free!

Available at the App Store and Google Play

Happy New Year from SDG&E!

Has the New Year sparked your resolve to save more money and energy? Use the right tools to accomplish your money and energy saving goals with SDG&E’s programs and video listed below: 


CARE Program

Did you resolve to save money in 2016? Start now with SDG&E's CARE program – a program that offers you, or someone you know, bill discounts every month. How much of a discount?  The CARE program can reduce your energy bill by up to 35%! It’s easy to see if you qualify. Just click on this link:


Gas Appliance Check

Umbrella-check. Raincoat-check. Gas appliance-check? Yes! Click on the link to schedule a FREE, in-home Gas Appliance Check with San Diego Gas & Electric!


  • Toys For Tots Brings Christmas Joy – And Presents
  • Resumes Can Be The Key To Finding Employment
  • A Special Thanks to Fed-Ex Shipping Center, Carlsbad Employees
  • Intertribal Court Offers Free Walk-In Legal Clinics
  • Dispatches: Santa Ysabel
  • Best Pictures of 2015
  • Best Unpublished Pictures
  • Loving Solutions - A class for parents raising kids ages 5-10
December 2015 Southern California Tribal News


  • November Native American Indian Heritage Month
  • Save Gregory Canyon
  • Protect Native American Children in California’s Welfare System
  • National Indian Justice Center
  • California Indian Manpower Consortium Inc.
  • California’s American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival
  • Employment Positions at Hollywood Casino Jamul San Diego
  • IHC Support Groups and Wellness Workshops
  • Inter Tribal Sports New Season Dates
  • Premiere viewing of A Thousand Voices
  • SDAIHC Annual Winter Gathering
  • IHC Angel Tree
  • Tribes 4 Christ Food Drive

Connect someone you care about to a 35% energy bill discount

The holidays can be tough for those with limited incomes.  SDG&E offers a minimum 35% discount for qualified customers. There are 2 ways to qualify for the CARE discount:

  • Total household income
  • Participation in a qualifying public assistance program (CalFresh, WIC, and more)

Let’s all do our part to make the holidays just a little brighter for friends and families in need. Connect someone you are care about in your community today.  

Give the gift that keeps on giving!



  • Two Students Receive SCTCA Awards for Native American Heritage Art Contest
  • Native Americans Attend Wellness Conference In Barona
  • Iipay Nation Honors Native Americans on Veteran’s Day
  • Dispatches: Los Angeles
  • American Indian Recruitment Banquet Presents Awards to Students and Mentors
  • Film Festival Features Native American Movies, Shorts and Documentaries
  • Children’s Books Capture Spirit of Native American Christmas Stories


  • California Native American Veteran Day Celebrates Cultural Pride and Tribal Partnerships
  • Empire of the Summer Moon Recounts Rise and Fall of Comanches
  • Native American Graduates Army Training In Missouri
  • Dispatches: San Marcos
  • During the Holiday Season, It’s a Mix of Traditional and Non-Traditional Food
  • Chicken Potato Noodle Soup - From the Kitchen of Bernice Paipa
  • A Sioux Warrior Counts Coup – And Then Earns A Medical Degree
  • In New York, 9/11 Memorial Is Unforgettable Tribute To The American Spirit

Have your appliances checked annually

SDG&E offers free gas appliance safety check-ups to help you keep your natural gas appliances in safe working condition. Schedule and manage your appointment online.

All you have to do is select your date, set up your appointment and provide some additional information. It’s that easy.

Once you’re done, your request is automatically scheduled. SDG&E will send you an email confirmation. After that you can track your requests or update them online. If your plans change, no problem. You can always update your request or cancel it at your convenience.

You can also schedule your appointment by calling 1-800-411-7343.



  • Vision Statements Set a Tone at TANF
  • Art Contest in Recognition of Native American Heritage
  • Native American Art in Del Mar
  • Dispatches: Washington
  • Native American Traditions Celebrated at Summer Powwows and Gatherings
  • ‘Trail of Tears’ Is Jackson’s Lasting Legacy
  • 17th Annual Native American Men and Women’s Wellness Conference