Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay Nation

     P.O. Box 1302
     Boulevard CA 91905
Ph.: 619-766-4930
Fax: 619-766-4957


Name Position
Leroy J. Elliott Chairman


      The Manzanita, named for the brushy brush so common over drier California, occupies a 3,580 - acre rectangle of infertile upland valleys and meadows in the western part of the Carrizo Desert.

     Homes of the residents are widely scattered, tucked behind boulders and hillsides for protection from the uncompromising summer sun. As residents have been troubled by inconsiderate, trespassing scofflaws they prefer no off-road visitors.


Tribal Government Phone # Age Grp.
Manzanita Tribal Office 619-766-4930
Fax: 619-766-4957
Education Phone # Age Grp.
Mountain Empire School District Office 619-473-9022
Fax: 619-473-9728
Culture Phone # Age Grp.
Manzanita Language Program 619-766-4930
Fax: 619-766-4957
Recreation / Community Resources Phone # Age Grp.
Manzanita Activity Center/Library 619-766-3236
Fax: 619-766-5952
Southern California Tribal Digital Village Phone # Age Grp.
TDV Representative 619-766-4930
Fax: 619-766-4957

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