Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians

     P.O. Box 270
     Santa Ysabel CA 92070
Ph.: 760-782-3818
Fax: 760-782-9029


Name Position
Mark Romero Chairman


      Although closely related to and only a couple of miles distance from Santa Ysabel, the Mesa Grande band is a group that cherishes a singular independence.

     The place is rather remote, very quiet, and scenic, high on a group of hills above the forests of Black Canyon (part of Cleveland National Forest). In winter it is often covered with a mantle of snow. For their living during the year, the families here commute to nearby towns, but also keep some horses, cows, and a few farms in a variety of frame, rock, adobe and mobile homes on 920 acres of land (some newly- acquired from the Bureau of Land Management). The land itself is interesting, unspoiled country, typical of high 3500' plateaus of southern Cost Range.


Tribal Government Phone # Age Grp.
Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians 760-782-3818
Fax: 760-782-9029
Mesa Grande ICWA Committe 760-782-3818
Fax: 760-782-9029
Mesa Grande Education Committee 760-782-9144  
Education Phone # Age Grp.
"Native Pride" at Warner Unified School District 760-782-0670 11-18yrs
Warner Unified School District Office 760-782-3517
Fax: 760-782-0605
Julian Union School District Office 760-765-0606
Fax: 760-765-2782
Culture Phone # Age Grp.
Repatriation Committee 760-782-3818
Fax: 760-782-9029
Recreation / Community Resources Phone # Age Grp.
Youth Program 760-782-3818
Fax: 760-782-9029
Mesa Grande Library 760-782-3818  
Southern California Tribal Digital Village Phone # Age Grp.
TDV Representative 760-782-3818  

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